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"we don't push client's into using a particular platform, because...

every event is different, it's all about asking the right questions..."

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Giving a Speech

which live stream platform?

live stream: Welcome

Every event is different, and we cater to all needs.

Some events are public, in fact your desire is to reach

as many viewers as possible...

These types of events need to be streamed simultaneously

to as many different social platforms available.

While others are private, some even highly confidential.

It might be intellectual property, paid training, and a pay-per-view,

or a private secure password protected platform is better suited.

It might be that you want to have an expo styled event online,

where as many exhibitors that are willing to pay and be part of the event all want to be live?

"Truth is, you may not be aware just how many

different platforms and options there are available...

and with virtual events, the opportunity (if done right)

to be even more engaging!"

live stream: About



Password Protected

"sometimes information is highly confidential, so the live-streaming solution that best suits your needs may be within a secure, password protected, video conferencing platform..."



Sell Tickets

"...alternatively you might be educating, entertaining, fundraising, or selling. Perhaps your content is Intellectual Property... but it is for sale.  In certain circumstances a Pay-Per-View solution is best suited..."



Go Viral

"...perhaps your information is not highly sensitive, nor proprietary.  You might be trying to reach as many views as possible.  Your best option is to engage on multiple social media platforms simultaneously."

live stream: Services

SECURE: from $450

Clients are shocked just how easy and inexpensive some streaming solutions cost,  and are even more shocked to discover...
This price includes the equipment needed to stream to a single platform.

PAY-PER-VIEW: from $3/ Pax

Clients simply love pay-per-view models starting with the same base $450 cost (for 150 participants)... and usually scale at an additional $2-3 per additional guest...
These price included the equipment needed to stream to a single platform.

SOCIAL: from $300

Clients are often amazed we can stream to a social media platform for $300 including equipment!  We can also simultaneously stream to more than one social media platform for an additional $100/ platform, and bring in social media interaction from them all with minimal delay.

Be sure to contact us with any questions tayloring to your particular needs,
and for more information on our terms and conditions on these offers.

live stream: Price List
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