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"shifting events from stages in packed ballrooms at various venues...

to custom, mobile, studio sets where we can live-stream from

literally anywhere, to reach perhaps even further online!"

mobile studio: About

lights, sound, quiet on set,

and... action!

mobile studio: Welcome

We developed a purpose built mobile broadcast studio of equipment...  to live-stream from literally anywhere.

We can create the event from right there at your office headquarters.

Our clients have jumped at the opportunities

to transform their meeting room,

their boardroom, or even their lobby into a studio 'set'

with backdrops, and soft-box lighting.

Plenty of green looks great, hanging vines, a few pot plants...

A library of books behind some really cool lounges.

A table with water and glasses,

and strategically placed hand sanitizer.

"Great news is, where there is perhaps only slightly larger cost

in terms of tech's and equipment needed

(compared to traditional events)...

With online events, in smaller event spaces at little

too zero venue costs, live-streamed events generally

come in at much lower budgets."

mobile studio: About

Internet: $500


"many offices are almost empty, with employees working remotely from home.  Sometimes there is incredible internet speeds available for free without any additional costs right there in your building...

but piece of mind is that we can provide our own internet literally anywhere in Australia using multiple 4G devices, even alternatively satellite internet for all the network speeds and data we need to manage remote presenters and to live stream your event from just $500 per day (4G)"


Set Design: Costs Vary


"...this cost is the hardest to quote without first inspecting your location.  You may already have an amazing space.  Already have cool furniture, plants, backdrops, and ambient lighting.  We have had events where there was little to no additional "set-design" costs...

and others where we brought LED uplights, lamps, rugs, chairs/ bar stools, LCD screens, (looking for the opportunity to perhaps even do a LED wall, or  curved custom printed Lycra backdrops with rear mounted floating screens).


AV: From $8-15k


" production including all our equipment, and labor, just a ball park figure... live streaming from your own venue typically comes in around $8-12k per day.

this includes cameras, tripods, lenses, softbox lighting, vision switchers, an audio mixer and wireless microphones.  Routers, foldback screens and speakers...  a whole bunch of high spec'd laptops and macbooks...  we use multiple for remote presenters, video playback, presentation slide decks, etc... and of course streaming.  the variation in costs are questions like: just how many people are in the live stream, how many remote presenters/ "fire-side" panel discussion participants do you have at one time, and are these slightly more complicated (and therefore require more computers and possibly tech's), are these back to back, or can we work the runsheet to have breaks just prior to these events?"

mobile studio: Services
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